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“Dr. O’Dowd’s book offers a fascinating look into the intricacies of early foetal development and the many external factors that can influence these finely attuned processes, from environmental toxins, nutrition, and more. As a lifelong clinician in the field of obstetrics, he weaves in not only insight from his many years in practice, but historical information and new research that questions the standard of care. Ultimately, he makes a compelling case that our many lifestyle choices can pass along a legacy of good health for generations to come.”

Lily Nichols
Registered Dietitian, Nutritionist, Diabetic Educator
Author of “Real Food for Pregnancy” (2018)
Author of “Real Food for Gestational Diabetes” (2015)

“Our Children Our Legacy” : Can you think of four words more important in describing our purpose!

The author presents a beautiful, heartfelt , authoritative view on potentially the greatest positive impact parents can impart on their children and the next generation. The concept of nutrition and its benefits for pregnancy and babies should be so simple that it’s just common sense but in todays world the maze of advice leads to stress and confusion. O’Dowd sensibly reminds us that “ parenting is a special role that has its beginning not from the moment a baby is born but commences even before conception”

Through the voice of experience in birthing and fertility , you can feel the passion to maximise not just pregnancy care but the potential to make a lifetime difference. His voice of warmth reflecting his personal role as father and grandfather takes the time in easy to understand language to explain all nutrition and dietary options. His advice is all encompassing exploring different personal diet options and how to optimise each for maximum potential benefit.

For many doctors and health care workers reading this book is a potential “Road to Damascus” moment. Our focus has been on diagnosis and treatment but with a small mindset change and simple dietary advice doctors can potentially make a greater difference.

Finally, for fathers. Appropriately pregnancy care focuses on the women and the amazing changes during this time. The chapter “ A man’s humble observation of pregnancy “ should be compulsory reading for every potential father. This raw emotional writing was the culmination of seeing this miracle over 10000 times and helps men with a small insight into the wonder of pregnancy.

I commend the author for his courage flying against what was traditional teaching but is now seeing scientific evidence. His motive was simple : it was for Our Children Our Legacy.”

Dr Michael Flynn
Obstetrician Gynaecologist Infertility Specialist
Co-Author of Examination: Obstetrics and Gynaecology

“I was so pleased to review this book as I agree with Tim O’Dowd about the importance of the next generation and some of the threats they face. Since 1986 my UK GP practice has seen an astonishing eight-fold increase in the prevalence of T2 diabetes and even worse is the fact it is occurring in younger and younger people. The youngest I have seen is just ten years old! The evidence is that deteriorating diets full of ‘junk’ foods are leading to people being ‘overfed but undernourished’

This book is part of a clarion call to think about the true causes of many chronic, modern diseases so we use ‘lifestyle medicine’ rather than ‘lifelong medication’. In my own practice this approach has resulted in over one hundred people achieving drug- free T2D remission.”

– Dr David Unwin
NHS award winning GP England

“In a world where information on nutrition is so confusing and disjointed, this book so clearly lays out the case for the importance of making informed choices around what you eat and how it affects not only your own health but that of all our children. I could not think of a better person to write on this information than Tim. He is endlessly curious, incredibly experienced, and boundlessly passionate about helping families have healthy children. Read this book, take his advice, share it with your friends. It will positively change your life, and that of the next generation.”

– Jeff Osborne
Personal Instructor
Former International Sportsman

“Dr Tim O’Dowd’s life work has been in the practice of obstetrics and gynaecology with a special interest in reproduction, fertility and nutrition. His clinical experience over nearly fifty years has taught him that the health beliefs and practices of their parents profoundly influences the future health of the children. Yet this is not something that is sufficiently appreciated. Or if it is, too few parents understand that the information that they are receiving especially about diet and nutrition through the “official’ channels, is hopelessly incorrect. And this explains why each successive generation of modern children is growing up progressively less healthy. 

In “Our Children, Our Legacy”, Dr O’Dowd explains these errors and proposes relatively simple and highly workable solutions. His writing, like his solution, is lean and muscular without any excess padding. He has provided a remarkably complete review of a very wide field of knowledge. He achieves this by writing that is clear, concise, to the point, easy to follow, and free of jargon and academic grandstanding. 

More importantly it is the unadulterated truth.

His goal is to pass on a legacy of good health to our children based on his extensive and hard-earned clinical experience, gained from working at the coal face of his profession. 

Those who read, understand and practice what he prescribes will achieve just that. 

They will raise a new generation of the most healthy children.

– Professor Timothy Noakes
OMS, MBChB, MD, DSc, PhD (hc)

“Tim O’Dowd has dedicated his life to mothers and babies, both personally and professionally. This book is the natural progression of Tim’s passion for lifelong learning. Ensuring we give our children the best opportunity for a healthy life is exactly how we should all be thinking.  How can we prevent our children from suffering preventable diseases all through their lives? It’s now clear, we are what we eat, and so are our children.”

– Donna Close
Midwife and Mother

“Tim takes us to where life-long, good health should begin – pre-conception. His wealth of experience as a medical specialist in reproduction and his personal quest to discover what constitutes good nutrition, have led him to question the “norms”. He will challenge (perhaps shock), enlighten and (hopefully) change your nutrition beliefs. So take a step back and open your eyes to the growing incidence of metabolic disease, particularly type 2 diabetes in younger people. Then allow Tim to open your mind  to the possibility that what we are doing isn’t working; instead of accepting the inevitability of chronic diseases and medications, we should be looking to prevent high blood glucose, the inflammatory effects of seed oils and the untold harm they do to the body. To do this you need to understand the insidious, toxic and addictive nature of both simple sugars and processed/ultra-processed carbohydrates. So parents read on because Tim will help you and your children to achieve the priceless legacy of good health … he’s got your best interests at heart!”

– Sue Tonakie
Mother of 4; Clinical Pharmacist

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