Humans are sophisticated biological organisms built to survive and continue the human species. We have an obligation to ourselves and the next generation, our children, to optimise our general and reproductive health to fulfil those roles.

Report cards on the nutritional health of society suggest we have taken a wrong path that has led us to a health crisis, more chronic diseases, more vulnerability to novel infections, a more medicated population. We have been manoeuvered away from ancestral knowledge about the foods which have sustained our species from antiquity.

Recommendations about what to eat are dependent on various agendas, some more interested in business or ideology than health. Gradually it is becoming clear that many ‘foods’ act like slow poisons and should be excluded from our diets. For our own long term health, our fertility, and importantly to give a legacy of lifelong health to our children, we need to take personal responsibility.

My soon to be released book, OUR CHILDREN OUR LEGACY explores the complexity and vulnerability of reproduction and the intimate role of its greatest ally, nutrition. There is clear advice on how to use nutrition, starting even before pregnancy, to optimise our children’s future health