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Nutrition and reproduction are intertwined. How we use nutrition influences our own and our children’s health. The health we pass onto the next generation will determine whether our children and their children continue to become victims of chronic diseases, or whether we act now to change that legacy. Sadly, nutrition is suffering from misinformation, confusion, and conflicts of interest. Our Children, Our Legacy, explores the societal dilemma and offers clear advice on how to build a strong foundation for lifelong health, starting even before conception.

Our Children Our Legacy….

“… offers a fascinating look into the intricacies of early fetal development and the many external factors including nutrition,
that can influence these finely attuned processes.”

– Lily Nichols

“… this beautifully written book combines good science, medicine and Tim’s extensive clinical experience.”

– Rod Tayler

“… a clarion call to think about the true causes of many chronic, modern diseases.”

– David Unwin

“This is an exceptional book.” – Prof. Tim Noakes

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